I’m running late on ye olde blog post this week, sorry y’all. I don’t like when people use the b*** word, but there’s been shenanigans afoot at the Aussie Embassy to Queen Anne and South Lake Union, which has taken up much time, as well as … dare I say it… precipitated some downtime. (Or as we prefer to say here, we were out of the office on official escort duties.) These were of course all tied to comings and goings at the Embassy.

Work has progressed, mostly unseen, and mostly tied to the reams of deadlines coming up at the end September. I’m getting into my Ferrous application with works I finished in time for my afternoon tea a little while ago, and had to post some earrings to Bilk for an upcoming show in their Canberra Gallery (see image below), of course not to be confused with this, their show at Incinerator Gallery in Melbourne. And then there is new work for this year’s futile entry into Schmuck.

While I’m here, another big congrats to Kaoru Rogers and Amy Zubick (who coincidentally happen to be exhibitors in my online show Coming up from the south) on their recent success at the NCJA awards. The Coming up from the south exhibition runs for another 10 days, and has itself garnered some great and some unusual feedback, which I mentioned earlier and which I still encourage you all to read, especially if you’re a fan of Claire McArdle’s awesome Public Displays of Attention series.

Finally, the big show I’ve been working on opens in less than 2 months!! It’s my first US solo outing (admittedly with 2 other soloists – so it’s more of a one third of a trio show really) and I’ve got one more work, and a bunch of wallpaper, to make. Arrgh!

Melissa Cameron Point earring II, 2012. Stainless steel, vitreous enamel, 925 silver posts. © MC
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2 responses to “Arrgh!”

  1. Thanks Karen! I mixed it up for those pieces, and I’ve tried to used it since and it has come out more on the Forest side, which is a shame. Then again, I’ve been using it on mild steel rather than stainless which might be affecting it.
    I have also read for you that green in jewellery is controversial, so I’m very chuffed! xx m