Juukan Tears

Juukan Tears is my largest hand-made installation work to date. Made over 2020 – 2021, it was featured in the John Curtin Gallery as a part of IOTA:21 – the inaugral Indian Ocean Craft Triennial in August-October 2021.

The works protests the destruction of the Juukan Shelters, by the global mining giant, Rio Tinto, who blasted the 46,000-year-old shelters to access around 100 million dollars worth of high-grade iron ore.

The work was followed by Juukan Tears Offcuts, a group of wearable jewellery works that, as the name suggests, were made from the leftover and offcut parts of the making of Juukan Tears.

making + discussing Juukan Tears

The posts made on this blog about the making and display of this work.

My YouTube Channel where I documented the hundreds of house involved in making Juukan Tears in real time. Among the 186 streams of making the Juukan Tears work are two question-and-answer sessions, with questions from my social media and our viewers, that also feature fellow-jeweller and my studio assistant of the time, Susannah Kings-Lynne.

Making Of – Short Film – a YouTube clip that charts several processes involved in making Juukan Tears. Made for the John Curtin Gallery (JCG) screen – displayed in their video rotation alongside other artist videos during the Indian Ocean Craft TriennialCuriosity and Rituals of the Everyday in Sept/Oct 2021.

Melissa on The Couch, the community news show broadcast from Perth. (Cued to start of interview – approx 45:15 mins). We chat Indian Ocean Craft Triennial – 21, and my work Juukan Tears as displayed at JCG.

ArtBeat radio with Bec Bowman on RTRFM, Oct 1, 2021 interviewing me!

The Department of Local Government, Sport and Cultural Industries Showcase website, featuring an image of Juukan Tears. The making of that work was partially funded by the DLGSCI in WA. This image was also featured on the big screen in Yagan Square, Perth.

Art Guide AU article about the IOTA:21 festival by Sheridan Hart. Contains writing and images about Juukan Tears.