This blog collects the stories about my pieces alongside images, both finished an in-progress, of my works. Most recently it details my 2021 work-in-progress Juukan Tears, and my 2020 lock-down project Everything Must Go. It provides a platform for me to share my making and curatorial experiences as well, such as Connexions (2020-2021), and my most recent solo exhibition, Marfa, TX, (2019) at Bilk Gallery in Canberra

This blog became a research platform for my Raphael prizewinning piece 1.1.2017 (2017-2018). Using online sources I went hunting for each of the guns used on one day of gun violence in the USA. For ten months of Mondays I detailed my findings, and the drawings I made of each of the weapons. Using the drawings I made the piece 1.1.2017 from objects found in each of the towns where the weapons were used to kill. This video captures the project:

Body Politic (2016), was my previous show at Bilk, for which they too host a great archive. The posts on the Escalation series (2013-2020) details some of the works from this show. The aforementioned pages coexist with those showing works made for a whole host of one-off works and limited jewellery series, made for specific exhibitions over the last 12 years.

Below is a sample of my recent works – see Instagram for the very latest images from my studio – both works in progress and finished pieces. Also check out for my work archive (pre-2013). That site has a copy of my CV, as does this link.