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  • IOTA:24


    The Indian Ocean Triennial Australia – otherwise known as the Indian Ocean Craft Triennial owing to its craft focus – is already in the planning stages for the 2024 edition. As an artist I was heavily involved in the last one – my piece Juukan Tears was in one of the keystone exhibits, and the […]

  • Visual Arts Voice

    Hiya to all my Aussie artists. I’m a little late to this party, but since there’s still a few days for us all to act I thought I’d add my voice. The federal govt. is preparing a national cultural policy, and a few local orgs are pestering artists to make a submission. To that end, […]

  • Live stream q + a soon!

    Today! 3 May 10:30 am Perth time or in your zone at:Auckland – 2:30 pmNew York – 10:30 pm*Sydney -12:30 pmCalgary – 8:30 pm*Los Angeles – 7:30 pm*/ / /I’ll be chatting about my work in a live q+a on my YouTube channel – *at this live link*It will remain available to re-stream indefinitely.Email your […]

  • .. and we’re back

    for a couple of days at least..! Susannah and I will be streaming live from the studio today and tomorrow before we take another quick break this Wednesday to Friday. We will be back to our regular scheduled programming next week; Monday- Friday, 9am – 5pm (or thereabouts) Perth time, with the usual lunch hiatus. […]

  • Studio Sale!

    Melissa is leaving Seattle after 6.5 years at the start of October

  • Monday – Gun day

    Even I thought we were done with gun-days…

  • Hammer time

    My work for the Artist Trust Auction, coming up later in February.

  • Happy New Year!

    It’s been a while but it was inevitable. I’m back after a month off, and with a lot to tell you!

  • Resist – in a store near you!

    Orange is the new black, or is it? Blue is the new colour, the colour of the resistance.

  • Resist

    Body/Politic is getting some enamelled sistren, and I’m having a trunk show!