Visual Arts Voice

Hiya to all my Aussie artists. I’m a little late to this party, but since there’s still a few days for us all to act I thought I’d add my voice.

The federal govt. is preparing a national cultural policy, and a few local orgs are pestering artists to make a submission. To that end, our mates at NAVA have made a few suggestions that I’m pretty keen on. Just yesterday I was complaining about my lack of superannuation as an arts worker, and then I see that in this list good ole NAVA have got that on their list of things we need to address in our arts policy here in Aus.

If I may be so bold, I’d say why not have a look at NAVA’s lists, and perhaps even have a chat with your arts-worker buddies, then get online to the fed gov’s submission page and head to the bottom to bash out a few of your own suggestions, or reiterate the important ones you’ve read, so that we can start to get some action around arts funding up in here!

Yours in solidarity


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