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  • Remade-Reloved, preview

    Remade-Reloved, preview

    This is not a work; this was a photo I took as a study for a work. In the end I lost the knot (unintentionally, damn!) but it precipitated something a bit more involved, using these two ingredients. Stay tuned – or better yet – head to Bridget Kennedy Project Space for the Remade-Reloved exhibition […]

  • Remade-Reloved

    ‘Remade-Reloved’ is a group exhibition curated by Bridget Kennedy that opens next week at her studio/gallery in North Sydney. And for those of you not in the know, it will be one of the last shows at the Bridget Kennedy Project Space, as Bridget is going to be closing down the gallery next March, after […]

  • LOBES at Danaca in Seattle

    LOBES at Danaca in Seattle

    LOBES – it has meaning Dana at Danaca Design announced her intention to have a holiday earring show with local Seattle makers back in October (while I happened to be visiting the town I called home for 6.5 years for the first time since I left in 2018), and I immediately jumped on the bandwagon. […]

  • Deadlines looming!

    Deadlines looming!

    I know, I stopped spruiking other people’s biz a few years back, but sometimes… 1/ JMGAWA 2024 Conference Deadline for Expressions of Interest and Abstracts for presentations is November 30th. 2/ IOTA:24 Expressions of Interest sought, deadline November 14 3/ DECLARATION OF SENTIMENTS – OPEN CALL DoS was an exhibition curated and organized by CO+LAB […]

  • IOTA:24


    The Indian Ocean Triennial Australia – otherwise known as the Indian Ocean Craft Triennial owing to its craft focus – is already in the planning stages for the 2024 edition. As an artist I was heavily involved in the last one – my piece Juukan Tears was in one of the keystone exhibits, and the […]

  • North Sydney Art Prize – Artist Talks this Saturday

    North Sydney Art Prize – Artist Talks this Saturday

    This Saturday the 28th of May I’ll be part of a series of artist talks at the Coal Loader Centre for Sustainability in Waverton for the North Sydney Art Prize. We will start at 10:20am at the Genia McCaffery Cottage (the upstairs section of the site) with an introduction by Acting Team Leader of Arts […]

  • North Sydney Art Prize

    North Sydney Art Prize

    I’m heading to Sydney tomorrow to attend the opening and awards ceremony of the North Sydney Art Prize (NSAP) on Saturday the 14th of May, as my 2021 work Juukan Tears is a finalist. From the NSAP Media: The North Sydney Art Prize is a major biennial arts event showcasing some of the best in […]

  • Garland x Ring Smackdown!

    Garland x Ring Smackdown!

    Added to my series of Instagram posts recently made for Garland Magazine was a post so big it also became an article! The Battle of the Rings (or Ring Smackdown as it’s otherwise known) is a competition run by Danaca Design jewellery studio in Seattle. This now annual competition was started in 2020 as a […]

  • Island Welcome in Perth/ North Sydney Art Prize

    Island Welcome in Perth/ North Sydney Art Prize

    I’m pleased and proud to say that Juukan Tears has been named as a finalist in the North Sydney Art Prize. The opening and prize ceremony will be on the 14th of May at the Coal Loader Centre for Sustainability in North Sydney, and at the same time and in the same ‘hood I’ll be […]

  • Nothing Goes to Waste

    Nothing Goes to Waste

    Nothing Goes to WasteFebruary 5 – May 7, 2022This exhibition showcases a survey of artists who find exciting ways to reuse and repurpose materials, scraps, and castoffs through ingenuity. Highlighting works created from discarded materials like ceramic shards, cut paper, and marble remnants, the exhibition explores how salvaged material can inspire creativity and provoke curiosity about the […]