LOBES at Danaca in Seattle

A/US earring 01. Melissa Cameron, 2020 purchase here

LOBES – it has meaning

Dana at Danaca Design announced her intention to have a holiday earring show with local Seattle makers back in October (while I happened to be visiting the town I called home for 6.5 years for the first time since I left in 2018), and I immediately jumped on the bandwagon. Point of fact; she might not have actually wanted me in the show, she just mentioned it in passing. I happened to have some recently made earrings on me (I was gifting my way around the city…) and so I, shall we say, VERY HEARTILY threw my hat into the ring, and luckily for me when I actually turned up in her beautiful gallery space she gracefully chose the pairs she’d like to display in the show.

So, if you’re in the Seattle area I really recommend you check in at Danaca’s new gallery, but if you’re not in the area luckily everything is beautifully photographed online for you to view and purchase.

You can click through to get my works on the links on this page, and I also encourage you to check out the full collection. Huge congrats to Dana and the team for another popular exhibition, and for all the product photography. It’s an immense effort that has really paid off.

A/US Raw earring 01. Melissa Cameron, 2021 purchase here
A/US earring 04. Melissa Cameron, 2021 purchase here
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