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Digital | Analog flyer – provided by Crystal Chesnik. See below

So for all of you on the big southern biscuit, the National Contemporary Jewellery Award 2022 is calling. From their email:

The National Contemporary Jewellery Award is back!
We can’t wait to celebrate the newest addition to the collection along with the NCJA 30th anniversary in October.
We’re very excited to see all the amazing work and we hope you can enter, and help us celebrate on opening night.

Entries close 5pm Friday 16 September and can be submitted online here:

• $6000 National Contemporary Jewellery Award (acquisitive) Sponsored by Griffith City Council
• $1000 Design Excellence Award (acquisitive) Sponsored by Griffith City Council

Opening night is Friday 28 October in Griffith and the judges are Dr Rohan Nicol (University of Tasmania), Dr. Kirsten Haydon (RMIT University) and Ms. Bic Tieu (UNSW).
More info can be found here:

Griffith Regional Art Gallery email circular

The email asked to share with networks, and I know I stopped doing that formally a little while ago but I thought I’d give this one a shout for old times sake. Sometimes we all need a reminder that we are worthy, and the shows that continue to support us need our support in return.

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And speaking of feeling supported, earlier this year I received a bolt from the blue, from the Director of Public Programs at the Peninsula School of Art, Crystal Chesnik. As she put it:

I am putting together an exhibition called Digital | Analog at the Peninsula School of Art in Door County, Wisconsin… The idea for this exhibition is to show our community how digital tools can be useful even when working with more traditional media.

A bit more about us: Door County, sometimes called the Cape Cod of the Midwest, comprises the upper half of Wisconsin’s peninsula into Lake Michigan. PenArt was founded in 1965 by filmmaker Madeline Tourtelot, who had a summer home in the area and welcomed students and teachers from the Art Institute of Chicago each summer. At that time Door County was mostly rural and land was cheap, so many of these artists settled in the area, creating an artist community that still draws people here. The school has grown over the years, and we now offer community programs year round and 2-4 day workshops taught by artists from across the country during summer and fall. We are still growing, with hopes of breaking ground on a new digital wing this winter, funding permitting.

Crystal Chesnik: taken from an email to the author

To showcase a mix of digital design technology with some computer aided manufacture I have a bunch of my laser cut / hand made works in this show, as well as a few of the cut pieces in their raw forms for people to have a look at and a little play with. Once I got the invites I was also happy to find out that I’m not the only jeweller, in fact I’m one of three people including Adam Hawk and the Dr Nicole Jacquard, whose rapid prototyping workshop I had the pleasure of taking many years ago at RMIT, and who I used to love running into at SNAG.

It’s a rich and diverse show where the lines of art and craft, digital and handmade are being cleverly, sometimes forcibly and at others imperceptibly blurred. I wish it was coming a little closer to me so that I could get a good look at it. Let the online stalking commence!

Peninsula School of Art
3900 County Rd.
Fish Creek, WI 54212