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Checking the date stamps will tell you that this post has been a month in the making, so thankfully I do have something pretty special to share for the elapsed time. Last week we had an offer accepted on a new house – 6 weeks to the day after arriving in Perth. It settles in January, so then we’ll finally be able to unpack our shipping container (which is now in storage) and I’ll be able to set up my studio and get back to work in earnest. In the mean time I’ve been compelled and coerced into a couple of seasonal shows.

For my fellow West-Australians, I’m going to be at two exhibition openings/Christmas parties on the 7th of December, where I’ll be showcasing some enamel works that I brought back to the country with me. For my fellow Perthlings and the nearby Freo dwellers, this is the first time that my works have been on display west-side since 2014. Catch you early at:

Artsource Member Exhibition
Opening 6pm – 8pm and running until January 5.
Old Customs House
8 Phillimore Street, Fremantle WA 6160, Australia
Open 10am – 4pm daily, excepting December 24-28, (these dates inclusive)

Then later at:

Contemporary Metal Christmas Drinks

 Select wonderful Christmas* gifts of hand-made jewellery by Contemporary Metal practitioners and W.A. contemporary jewellers.

6pm-8:30pm, December 7th – one night only!
Unit 6 · 77-79 Howe Street
Osborne Park, WA 6019

In the first exhibition see some enamel pieces that have never been sighted on this side of the country, and in the Contemporary Metal show, some pieces never before seen on these shores.


(*why do Aussies, and I’d probably add Brits in there too, use Christmas as the all-encompassing seasonal word, often notwithstanding their own religious denomination, while the US and Canada say Holiday/s? All answers accepted. [Including – you’re clearly white trash, Melissa, we don’t use that Christian word here.])

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2 responses to “The Perth things”

  1. Is the packing container for Perth or Seattle?

    And why don’t we have a Thanksgiving in Australia? Despite political differences, we Aussies do have something to learn from the republic of the USA.

    Speaking of which, why do Australians become “Aussies” when we’re in the USA, rather than other countries?

  2. The packing container was for Perth, coming from Seattle. The container touched down in North Perth about a month ago, and my studio (and house, for that matter) is just about good to go having received a final puzzle piece (a replacement argon regulator with AUS fittings) today!

    As for Thanksgiving, it’s a good question when you think that Canada celebrates it too. Then again the answer is probably in that – as Canada celebrates theirs almost a month earlier, in line with their harvest time. Maybe we should bring it about for our real harvest season? But here it would collide with Easter. Stymied by that northern dominance again.

    I wonder if we gifted ourselves Aussie in the USA, so as to beat the Austria confusion?