Recently, in Melbourne…

After finishing up the JMGA conference on Sunday the 14th in Brisbane, I travelled on to Melbourne for a couple of openings and a symposium before heading home to Seattle. Upon landing in Melbourne on Monday I headed directly to the Project Space/Spare Room gallery, as I mentioned previously, to fondle the artworks (including my own) alongside curator Claire McArdle.

01 Installation WWWA 02 Installation WWWA

Also mentioned previously, Elizabeth Turrell my enamel-on-steel mentor was in town to teach a workshop at RMIT University, so on Wednesday night I went to see her speak about her work. Elizabeth, as she mentioned on the night, is quite reluctant to speak about her own pieces, so it was a unique opportunity for me to find out about a few other projects that she has been involved with, as well as see images of some that had been described to me while I was studying with her in Bristol.

On Thursday night I attended the opening of Words and Works form a World Away and got to read up about each of the individual works, which added another layer of meaning to an already impressive array that I had, by that stage, already spent a bit of time with.

05 WWWA Exhibition 2013 04 WWWA Exhibition 2013 03 WWWA Exhibition 2013 02 WWWA Exhibition 2013 01 WWWA Exhibition 2013

On Friday I attended and spoke at the Seams Seems symposium at MADA – Monash Art Design and Architecture at the Caulfield campus. There I also got to see the Seams Seems exhibition. More on both of those events soon, though for the canny amongst you, you may have already noticed that I have put up my full text of the presentation from the Seams Seems symposium in the newly added ‘Symposia‘ link above.

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