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  • IOTA:24


    The Indian Ocean Triennial Australia – otherwise known as the Indian Ocean Craft Triennial owing to its craft focus – is already in the planning stages for the 2024 edition. As an artist I was heavily involved in the last one – my piece Juukan Tears was in one of the keystone exhibits, and the…

  • Talkfest 2021

    Here we go… The Value Chains JMGA online conference begins tomorrow evening (AEST) with Simon Cottrell, the co-chair of the original and postponed conference, and includes Roseanne Bartley, Claire McArdle, Julia Wild, Jonathan Zalakos and Joanna Zellmer. This is followed by matt lambert with “Other People’s Business: What makes a material new and what does…

  • IOTA21

    The Indian Ocean Triennial Australia 2021 is coming! I must’ve mentioned it a bit, in passing at least, as my new work Juukan Tears will debut as a part of the festival when it opens in September. But what is it? Well, it’s a presentation of new works from a curated selection of artists from…

  • SNAG 2018

    So much to see and do at the SNAG conference this week, but try these for starters!

  • Steeling myself

    The one about going to Sheffield in the UK to do jewellery things.

  • UK people

    Melissa goes to… England!

  • this week in NOLA

    Come see my Escalation series works Sword and Gun at Making America Great at SNAG in Nola, May 25 + 26, 2017.

  • #PlateGlassExhibition

    #PlateGlassExhbition and other upcoming ventures.

  • More upcoming

    I’m getting about, gadding about, even. If you want to see me in the flesh, try checking these places:

  • Happy New Year!

    It’s been a while but it was inevitable. I’m back after a month off, and with a lot to tell you!