Garland Podcast

We’re aware of this situation, that Garland magazine has a podcast?

Well, it does, and to reflect on some more of my history of street-related jewellery antics (in line with the current The Street issue of the mag, on which I’ve been the guest editor), Kevin Murray interviewed me for the latest ep of the Garland pod. To accompany the episode I found a few photos, got some permission from their photographers and protagonists, and gave them to Kevin to publish.

Kevin has beautifully put the episode and the images together on the magazine, with the catchy title: Steal This ✿ Melissa Cameron confesses to her role in a lawless jewellery gang.

What can I say? I was one of many, and we’re not sorry.

Back at the time of Part B’s street-based events, I published about a few of our antics right here. If you’re keen for a waltz down memory lane/to read up on a cryptic and very niche moment in Aussie/Naarm jewellery history, I encourage you to head back to Melbourne in 2010 – 2011 and check out the links for Steal This and ManJewellery.

Fun times 😉

(Thanks to Dr Mary Hackett and Gabe Anderson for letting their photos onto the web, again, and to the Part B – ManJewellery crew for making such photogenic works and for the skill of Marc Morel in capturing those pieces.)

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