Er Pavilion

The Er Pavilion, featuring the work rapidly closing window… #3/ Ngarngk has one more week left to run in Walyalup (Fremantle)! It’s located by the J Shed Artist Studios and next to Bathers Beach. There are sill a few events to take place at the Pavilion, most notably the talks this Thursday Night and more of the awesome music program.

As mentioned previously, with the support of Katherine Ashe of vittinoAshe architects and Notre Dame University, and with the gifting of the Noongar word Ngarngk – meaning mother/sun – by Brendan Moore, I’ve been directing the lashing of this work together since August. On hand to help have been members of the greater Walyalup community and Notre Dame architecture students, this adornment to the pavilion.

The work is made from recycled rope and waxed linen thread, with the rope sourced from Linda Davis, a Notre Dame researcher who has been collecting communally found beach-detritus in the Seahorse bin at Bathers Beach. It was supplemented with more of her personal rope finds, from the surrounding Walyallup beaches. Affixed to that, in a pixelated text of stainless steel mesh circles (the same material of the pavilion ‘roof’ panels) and applied to the net using fishing braid, is spelled the word NGARNGK.

As has been the case in all of my works this year, I have included the same colour-coded binary/ascii message, achieved by strict order of the colour of the rope circles, with cream/natural/yellow rope representing 0’s, and orange/blue/other colours representing 1’s. Decoded, this text reads:

rapidly closing window to achieve a livable & sustainable future for all IPCC 2023

IPCC: Intergovernmental Panel for Climate Change. Part of C1, Headline Statements, 2023.

The piece comes down with the Pavilion on the 20th of November, so get in while you can!

The Fremantle Biennale will run from the 3rd-19th of November.
Design team:
Brendan Moore
Melissa Cameron
Syrinx Environmental
Structural Engineers:
Forth Consulting
Industrial Engineers:
Plan B Engineering
ICS Australia
Pavilion Sponsors:
Alti Lighting  
City of Fremantle
ICS Australia
Seahorse/Linda Davies
Syrinx Environmental
Ongoing volunteer support:
Notre Dame School of Architecture – Fremantle