Deadlines looming!

I know, I stopped spruiking other people’s biz a few years back, but sometimes…

1/ JMGAWA 2024 Conference

Deadline for Expressions of Interest and Abstracts for presentations is November 30th.

2/ IOTA:24

Expressions of Interest sought, deadline November 14


DoS was an exhibition curated and organized by CO+LAB that toured Europe recently, and before the whole show is disbanded, Niki Stylianou of Uni.Versus Art Room had a great idea to expand the life of the show:

Uni.Versus Art Room invites artists that want to celebrate the feminine power with us, to be inspired by all works presented in the “DECLARATION OF SENTIMENTS” exhibition. Choose your favorite piece and create in response to it, initiating an additional point of view, a new path or a dialogue.

To apply write to:

stating DECLARATION OF SENTIMENTS OPEN CALL. We will send you all details about the process, as well as the complete .pdf with info about Co+Lab artists, their statements, and photos of the original jewelry artworks.

Application cost: 10euros (per entry)
Application deadline: 25th November 2022
DoS goes into extra time – with an open call
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