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  • Deadlines looming!

    Deadlines looming!

    I know, I stopped spruiking other people’s biz a few years back, but sometimes… 1/ JMGAWA 2024 Conference Deadline for Expressions of Interest and Abstracts for presentations is November 30th. 2/ IOTA:24 Expressions of Interest sought, deadline November 14 3/ DECLARATION OF SENTIMENTS – OPEN CALL DoS was an exhibition curated and organized by CO+LAB…

  • IOTA:24


    The Indian Ocean Triennial Australia – otherwise known as the Indian Ocean Craft Triennial owing to its craft focus – is already in the planning stages for the 2024 edition. As an artist I was heavily involved in the last one – my piece Juukan Tears was in one of the keystone exhibits, and the…