Opening Friday in Melbourne

Melissa is having her first solo show of her intricate hand-sawn objects at Bini Gallery in Collingwood. April 10, 2015.

Object Evolution - Bini 2015

The exhibition is almost ready! We now have turned over the window to Holly Elliot of Azevinha to work her magic.

Come join me for the opening of Object Evolution at Bini Gallery in Collingwood from 5 – 7:30pm, this Friday, the 10th of April.

Bini Gallery Contemporary Jewellery is at 62 Smith street Collingwood, +61 03 9486 0145, and on Facebook.
Hours: Monday to Friday 10 am – 6 pm Saturday 10 am – 5 pm – Sunday 12 pm – 4 pm.

4 thoughts on “Opening Friday in Melbourne”

  1. Sorry I couldn’t get there. It’s exciting to see not only a new contemporary jewellery space, but also a familiar jewellery face returning.

  2. Thanks Kevin. It’s an interesting space with an incredible front window assuring visibility to the multitudes of passers-by, and incredible afternoon sunlight. Interestingly Lorenza has been operating for over 3 years now, about the same amount of time that I’ve been away.

  3. in fact, i passed by on saturday morning, and was stopped in my tracks by the window display. SO WONDERFUL. we went in and admired everything, and then i tried on your diabolically amazing and beautiful white lace necklace. kind of smitten!

  4. Thanks Meiying! The window space itself is a pretty incredible position to work in, and the shadow effects in the afternoon really add to the installation. Thanks to old mate Sun for the stellar job on consistent lighting 🙂
    If you’ll indulge me a second.. It’s nice to have the laser cut and hand sawn works displayed together, since the lace pattern used in that piece (now known as The Sieve) was originally designed with the Love Lace show in mind, so those pieces and the Blue Tin Set share a design heritage 😉
    Anyway, so glad you liked and were inspired to comment.
    xx m

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