One Design: Exhibition and Workshop

If you follow the Klimt02 newsletter (and why wouldn’t you?) you might have seen a few hints about what I’m up to at the moment in the basement of chez Queen Anne.

Clouds - One Design

Studio 20/17 in Sydney, Australia will be exhibiting a new series of my work from the 1st until the 31st of August this year. It may seem like it’s a long way off (though I can tell you from my perspective it’s a hell of a lot closer than it looks), but I have good reason to be in your face about it already. Right now I’m making works from the metal incarnations of this pattern – steel and titanium, to join up with a few sterling silver pieces that I hand cut as the prototype  (prototyping in silver, I know, but as y’all know it’s quicker to slice than steel and more robust than copper.) But that doesn’t explain the wood in the picture, does it? Well the bottom version – or at least a piece very similar to it – will be on display and the focus of a workshop in the gallery over the course of the exhibition’s run.

I can hear you from here, “What? Why? How? What do you mean, Melissa?” Well, we’re going to rip it off the wall and pull it apart and put it back together again as  jewellery. So if you have ever thought about my work “Huh, I bet I could do that!”, well now HERE’S YOUR CHANCE!!

The plywood piece will be removed from the exhibition and created into individual works by people attending the workshop on the 23rd of August. These new pieces will go on display, credited to their makers, alongside my works for the final week of the show.

So check out the show, (so you can store away a few ideas of what not to do) and sign up to make yourself a ___(your name here)___ + Melissa Cameron original. I for one cannot wait to see the results.

Collaboration is fun!

2 responses to “One Design: Exhibition and Workshop”

  1. I hope I can get to Sydney to see your exhibition Melissa … perhaps you could find a gallery in Melbourne to take it up too???
    And how fabulous is your collaboration workshop idea – I LOVE it!

  2. Thanks Karen 😉
    It’s in Sydney for a whole month to coincide with the Sydney Design 2014 program. I designed the workshop for the Studio 20/17 team to run on my behalf as I won’t be able to make it to Sydney in August – I’m going to be in Germany 😉
    I would love to have a show in Melbourne – the light in your living room looks pretty good ;P