SMG Biennial Exhibition

The Seattle Metals Guild is having its biennial exhibition this year, opening on the 11th of April and running until the 7th of  July, 2013 in the South Galleria of the Washington State Convention Center. So I’ve been led to believe (as all our media states), the Galleria space is the central thoroughfare of the Convention Center, with nearly 20,000 visitors walking through daily. Certainly sounds impressive, eh?

I’m slated to hep with the installation this week, so I’ll get back to you with pictures of the venue, as I’ve not yet been inside the convention buildings. They are pretty unmissable when you are downtown as they actually cross over Pike St, so as you head uphill towards them you see a large archway – a semicircular glazed canopy – over the road. I still find it strange when private property is able to traverse public space in that fashion, though I know there are plenty of examples of it in and around Melbourne. (The most menacing for my money being the Westfield over the Nepean Highway in Cheltenham. Brrrr.)

But I digress. The details of the exhibition if you do want to get along:

Washington State Convention Center
Corner of Pike St and 8th Ave in Seattle WA
2nd Floor, South Galleria
Show Dates: April 11– July 7, 2013
Opening Reception: April 14, 2013   4:00 – 6:00pm

I’ll be at the opening reception next Sunday if you want to come by. I’ll show you the WHOLE CASE of jewellery and objects that I have on display. Yup, I get a case to myself. The sole perk of being the SMG Emerging Artist for 2013. Oh, along with bragging rights. I think I’ve just about used them all up though…

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