Jewellist, where are you?

Good question. I’ve just come up from the basement (to where I plan to return, pronto) for a day to get some paperwork done. Yes, it’s bid-ness time.

I’ve been making (shock horror!) after a couple weeks of full-time paperwork, preparing abstracts for papers that I’m hoping to deliver at upcoming conferences, and a really big grant application. If you keep up to date with the Deadlines posts around here, you’ll probably be conversant with a few of these opportunities. I did miss one I wanted to get in on, the renamed Contemporary Australian Silver Exhibition (formerly Buda, named for the former hosts in Castlemaine) owing to the fact that they changed their requirements now that they’re being run by the Bendigo Gallery, so want applications on CD. Someone forgot to study the conditions carefully at least one week before the deadline…

But that in turn is a stroke of luck, [alert, MASSIVE humblebrag ahead] as the works which I was completing to photograph for that will now provide me with new work to put in the Seattle Metals Guild (SMG) Biennial Exhbition, as in this show I will have a whole case devoted to my work. Why? Well, I’m so glad you asked. [OK, just watch me regular bragging now.] It’s because I have recently been named as the recipient of the first ever SMG Emerging Artist Award..! While I’m up in the office I’ll be gathering images for a 15 minute talk to be presented at their General Meeting on the 15th.

So, once I have done my fidgeting and fiddling up here in the office (which includes a bit of Cad work and finding a new local laser-cutter) I’ll be back in the basement, attempting to keep from freezing as I work. [Thought I’d finish on another humblebrag – oh woe is me, I have a basement…]

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