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  • North Sydney Art Prize

    North Sydney Art Prize

    I’m heading to Sydney tomorrow to attend the opening and awards ceremony of the North Sydney Art Prize (NSAP) on Saturday the 14th of May, as my 2021 work Juukan Tears is a finalist. From the NSAP Media: The North Sydney Art Prize is a major biennial arts event showcasing some of the best in…

  • Garland x Ring Smackdown!

    Garland x Ring Smackdown!

    Added to my series of Instagram posts recently made for Garland Magazine was a post so big it also became an article! The Battle of the Rings (or Ring Smackdown as it’s otherwise known) is a competition run by Danaca Design jewellery studio in Seattle. This now annual competition was started in 2020 as a…

  • The Neck – Craft ACT

    Hiya team. Apologies for that last cryptic post – with bonus secret password window – on the main blog stream. I feel like a right fool but now the url is attached to an application I can’t change it until adjudication finishes. If it’s any consolation most of the content was taken from last year’s…

  • Danaca Design – STATEmeant jewellery

    A call-for-entry for the jewellers of the world with something to say. For all y’all who saw the Ring Smackdown on the Danaca Design Instagram feed earlier this year, you can phase out for a minute. You need no introduction to the exhibition concept that I’m about to try and explain. You can just head…

  • Toowoomba Contemporary Wearables

    … and we celebrated with?

  • Wanneroo Community Art Awards

    Melissa’s a sculptor – who knew?

  • 1.1.2017

    Images from the photo shoot and from Contemporary Craft in Pittsburgh, with details about the Transformations 10 exhibition


    A Design Competition with Designs Aiming for a New #GunSense Emphasis on Regulations & Reform

  • Hammer time

    My work for the Artist Trust Auction, coming up later in February.

  • A plethora

    Exhibits, exhibitions, shows and prizes!