Dropping in on the Bridge show

One of my colouring (or coloring) in sheets created for the Bridge 12 Drop In activity at the Society for Contemporary Craft. Feel free to print one up for yourself! © Melissa Cameron, 2012.

The Bridge exhibition continues, and with it the Drop In activity I created for the SCC. Sarah Loch-Test, a Pittsburgh resident and current “Studio Apprentice at the Society of Contemporary Craft where I work with the Studio/education department” has posted about her experience doing – and watching others have a go at – the Drop In activity over on her personal blog, as well as put an image of the whole studio setup on Crafthaus.

The activity doers.. erm, the activity crafters..? the activists?! OK, the craftivists! The craftivists have the option of making jewellery as illustrated or colouring in some drawings of my work that I have also provided. Thanks to one of Loch-Test’s images I have seen that at least one bright craftivist has thrown the rule book to the four winds and made a neckpiece by cutting out and joining up the motifs from the coloured in sheets. What a genius! Give that emerging talent a grant!

Now, back to the show itself. Over on the SCC site is links to image portfolios by each of the participating artists, so you can see the show even if you aren’t in Pittsburgh. I also have the media release for the show (also available for each of the artists under the Read More link on the individual artist page on the SCC site) so I’ve included a link to it below.

Melissa Cameron PR.Final

2 thoughts on “Dropping in on the Bridge show”

  1. Thanks for mentioning me, Melissa. I love the term ‘craftivists’…I’m stealing it! It’s been a lot of fun having to step out of the office to demonstrate and assist with the activity.
    The Bridge 12 is a really great exhibit, I’m sure you can’t wait to actually see it in person.

  2. Well thanks for your post too, I was really chuffed to see images of the setup and people actually engaged with it. And I can’t say I came up with ‘craftivists’, and I’ve bastardised the meaning of the term a bit too. It’s in common use in Australia amongst craft activists.

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