Classes at the Society for Contemporary Craft

Melissa is going to teach a class. If anyone is interested…?

To coincide with the upcoming Bridge 12 exhibition (I’ll get you all an invitation soon – no really, it’s coming!) I have been invited to teach a class at the Society for Contemporary Craft in Pittsburgh. Time-wise it’s still a way off, given that it will happen in March next year, but the Fall-Winter class schedule has just been published, so what better time than now is there to slap up an image of it here?

Click the image for a bigger version.

In a wonderful quirk of fate, my workshop happens a couple of weeks before that of fellow liquid-enamellist Kat Cole, whose work I love, (I bought a fabulous brooch from her at SNAG this year) and who also works in steel and recycled metals. Check out the Classes and Workshops page on the SCC website for more details.