Buda 2011

Melissa went to Buda in Castlemaine, and came home with a prize!

The Raven + The Fishes (The Cavian Set) 2011. Recycled 800 silver, stainless steel cable, 925 silver chain.

Yesterday I was amongst a bunch of intrepid jewellers, metalsmiths and enthusiasts who got up early on a Sunday and trekked out to Castlemaine to see the opening of the Buda exhibition.

Turns out it was worth the trip. I won The Art Centre award (for a design in predominantly silver inspired by or interpreting any branch of Australian Performing Arts) with the series above – The Cavian Set, consisting of The Fishes and The Raven (two parts). The pieces were inspired by the work of Nick Cave, particularly two songs of Nick Cave – Breathless and O’Malleys Bar.

And the awards rolled on:
Leviny Commemorative award: Meghan O’Rourke for her work Peacock Series
Australian Decorative and Fine Arts Society Award: Maureen Faye-Chauhan with two brooches from the Augmen series, and an honourable mention to Jill Hermans for her three Shibu-Ichi Brooches
PJ Williams Award: Nadeem Sahabun, a Design Centre Enmore graduate for Teapot series
Gold + Silversmiths Guild of Australia Award: Annie Broadway, recent NMIT graduate for Adytum and Apogee
e.g.etal Design and Development Award: Danae Natsis from the Design Centre Enmore for Time is Life

Many thanks to the team at Buda, especially Lauretta Zilles and and Pat Grumont for their outstanding organisation of the whole competition, and of course to the judges, and a special thanks to The Arts Centre for their involvement.



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  1. congratulations melissa! and to jill as well! was sad I couldn’t come up with Part B, but I’m still moving house. But hope to get up to Buda to see yours and all the other gorgeous works. The photos look great though.

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