last drinks

Melissa keeps herself accountable by counting down some stats for the year.

As the year calls its last drinks, I thought I’d post a little summary of my statistics for the year. Call it my homage to the impending tennis season.

So, what happened this year?

✻ as previously mentioned, I had works in eighteen exhibitions
✻ I submitted applications for 23 exhibitions/awards/grants
✻ I had a positive response from 7 of those 23 – they were mostly for entry into group shows, with one entry into an upcoming book being accepted (though technically this was submitted in December of last year), and more recently a grant for a residency
✻ I was knocked back 12 times; the remaining 4 applications (mostly made recently) are still being decided
✻ I made 125 pieces of work (by a rather piecemeal count) though 37 of those are collaborations in the Measuring exhibition
✻ of the 125 works, 13 were gifted to friends and family
✻ I made a further 20 works for the Steal This event, taking my overall total to 145 works this year – 33 given away and the rest for exhibition and/or sale

That’s it!
[Did I miss anything? I’d like to take this opportunity to thank my coach, and Tennis Australia…]

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