Manufacturing Jewelers and Suppliers of America

Why am I writing about the Manufacturing Jewelers and Suppliers of America? Well, cos they started writing about us first!

In an article entitled MJSA Creates Custom Jeweler Membership (the article was in essence advertising a new service to a small segment of manufacturing jewellers in America) that appeared as their latest news feed, I noticed this;

“…custom design has become an area of growth for many retailers. In the most recent Cost of Doing Business Report published by Jewelers of America, the “designer/artist/custom jewelers” category was the only one in which median sales increased—by 3.1 percent.”

Hmm, I’m listening. Then they carried on with this;

“And as industry analyst Ken Gassman notes, the twenty-something “Millennial” generation has a high interest in personalized products, which suggests continued growth for retailers who offer custom services, particularly in bridal.”

Now, discounting the bridal part (well who hasn’t done that at some stage eh? Oh, just me?…) this is interesting news for those of us who occupy the ‘designer/artist/custom’ end of the manufacturing spectrum.

This means that we should all be making a fortune, surely? OK, so maybe it’s more along the lines that while the rest of market is just chugging along, we’re actually starting to appeal to the masses.

I feel this might be something that the artist jewellers knew all along – we’re the trendsetters!


Melissa Cameron, Eight Point Window - Redux, 2010. Stainless Steel.

Last week I found out that a couple of my images my “submission” has made it into the soon-to-be-released Art Jewelry Today 3 by Schiffer Publications in the US. I sent them a bunch of images,  over a year ago, so I have no idea which they have chosen to include. It’ll be as much as a surprise to me as to anybody else. When I receive my own paid-for copy…

BTW, let me know if you’re in the market for any Schiffer publications, including this book, as I have an opportunity to order more than just mine.

Buda 2011

Aw, shucks.

The Fishes one of three parts of my entry this year. Oh, and trust me on this, it’s smaller than I’m told it looks here. Think more ‘entree’ than ‘platter’.


500 club

I’ve joined the 500 club. What, you may well ask, am I talking about? Well, this:

The Lark Books 500 Silver Jewellery Designs is due to be released in April, and is apparently already available for order on Amazon. Can’t wait to see inside it.

now more online!

Part B is now more online than ever! There’s a blog!

Apologies for the glitch on this blog site earlier today by the way – as you can see the images are now all properly attached…

counting my chickens…

Cigarette case set 2009. Recycled silver, stainless steel cable, silk thread

I’d like to say I’m an optimist, but sometimes I count my chickens before they’ve hatched. If I haven’t heard from an organisation long after the deadline has lapsed, I assume the worst and move on. In those cases I assumed the egg has been scrambled.

On Monday I received a letter in the post, from an organisation I had completely forgotten about. The letter, which on sight I had pegged as containing the inevitable “you were part of a very strong field, but we’re sorry, you’re not accepted”, turned out to have “Accept” next to the name of my work. (Which made me more inclined to absolve the saggy syntax in the letter.)

I’m pleased and proud to reveal that my work, Cigarette Case Set, is to be published next year in the Lark Crafts book 500 Silver Jewelry Designs.

It seems some eggs take a little longer to incubate than others. I’m cool with that!

picture this

I don’t have many images of myself up on the internet. Well, not ones that could be found quickly or easily, anyway. If I suddenly made into a headline, an online newspaper would have to do a fairly exhaustive search, or do what they used to do, ask the person in question (or in many cases, the bereaved family…) for an image.

That all changed yesterday. I gave Klimt02 an image for my brand-spanking new entry. Why didn’t I do something clever, like Julia deVille, or Maria Cristinia Bellucci?

Silly little cumquat…

where’s jewellist??

Craft Arts International (issue 79) -Reveiw of  Toowoomba Contemporary Wearables ’09, and still in the actual exhibition, as it slowly continues the tour around the eastern seaboard.
Klimt02 Forum
Noosa Regional Gallery

on the horizon
The Box Project
keeper @ gaffa, Sydney, then touring NZ
Measuring the space between
Hand Held Gallery, Melbourne

news just to hand
National Contemporary Jewellery Award
Griffith Regional Art Gallery, NSW