Charms, competitions and catalogues

I’ve mentioned the Charged Charm Card project before, that Jill Hermans and I have recently collaborated on. Well, we’re starting to get a trickle of charms out of the cards and around the necks of a few worthy recipients both here and in Singapore. Check it out here.

I received an invite to the opening of the Itami exhibition yesterday too. It’s being held on Saturday the 19th of November at the Museum of Arts and Crafts, Itami, Japan. I managed to get a piece, (or three, rather) entitled Plated Powder Case Triptych selected, so I will have some works on show until the 25th of December when the exhibition closes.

This week I also received a copy of the Tinker Tailor Soldier Sailor catalogue in the mail. It’s a great book! It came with a list of galleries in which the exhibition is slated to travel, which now includes every state bar the ACT, NT and Tassie. (Sorry to you guys.) I’ll even be able to send my family in WA, as well as (eventually) see it in LaTrobe Regional Gallery in Victoria myself. The catalogue is wonderful – well researched and with great photos. I send my congratulations to the team at Artisan for doing such a great job.

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