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I’m a jewellist, not a marketer. But having a small business (being a small business?) means that I have to do my own marketing and promotion. I know it’s necessary, but that doesn’t make it less difficult.

I need the occasional reminder that this is also part of my job; in fact it’s an important adjunct to my artistic practice. So how do I get that help? Well, when TurboNerd (like countless other IT professionals) needs help figuring out a problem, he googles it. If I ever ask him a tech question, as often as not he’ll respond “I dunno, have you googled it?” I’ve taken to googling first, to save time… And yes, it does help that the internet was made by geeks, so of course they built their own help-desk into it.

I, on the other hand, am not a geek (by an IT industry definition, anyway) but I don’t see any harm in turning to the net for help, or inspiration. So I feed this blog, by Seth Goldin, which says some remarkable things. And a few that are a little heavy on the jargon…

I’ve collected a few that I thought are interesting, or that I think apply to me in this  industry;

Laziness – I know exactly what he means. Sometimes making one phone call seems harder than a whole hour of hammering… (which is something I don’t think I’ll ever manage.)

I spread your idea because… – I spread this idea because it’s a clear and true statement of how things spread; so maybe me sharing this is also in category #20…

the problem with putting it all on the line… Is that it’s all on the line!

Cost reduction for high-end markets – Thinking about why you do certain things a certain way.

“I need you to see things my way” – Sometimes it’s only me who needs to see things my way…

Are you responsible for what you market? – For me, this post is all about his closing line.

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where do you go?

(thanks to TurboNerd who is a bit of a ‘hunners’ fan, just writing that title has lodged a song in my head…) Ahem..

OK, so I post every competition, grant and juried exhibition I apply for right here, to make sure the two of you who read are worded up to take appropriate affirmative action. I was asked the other day (a realbody question, no less) what sources I use to get the info about applications I oughta make? At the time, the idea of having to scribble words rather than copy-and-paste links just seemed too daunting. I promised a post on the subject instead.

So, without further ado (as Flacco might say, “bugger the ado, we’ll go without the ado!”) here’s a list of the places I find grant/competition/exhibition info. Please feel free to email/comment with more suggestions.

NAVA has a grants page as well as monthly email updates (for which you must be a member – fees apply) which includes other opportunities.

Craft Australia sends out a regular email with an opportunities section which is free to sign up to.

Craft Victoria also sends out their Craft Almanac email with Industry Events and  Opportunities listed, but this is only for professional members. To get the full deal you need to sign up (fee applies). They also have their own application deadlines for shows in their gallery, which are listed on their site.

CaFE is a US based online Call For Entry portal that sends out regular emails for upcoming application deadlines. Appropriate competitions/exhibitions are few and far between for Australia-based jewellery artists, but I have become involved in shows through this site.

Klimt02 maintains a list of awards on their site. They also have an email list (unrestricted) but some information on the site is barred from non-members.

crafthaus online craft network has a blog which I regularly read (and a members only section of which I’m not a part, so there is more than just the blog to check out for entry/deadline info) that members add items to, some of which are upcoming competition deadlines. Brigitte Martin generally posts such info (and I’m not sure that she’s not the one in charge of the place. I should just join, I know…)

kit and caboodle, administered by the lovely Cate Salter, is another such network for jewellers and related types (galleries, organisations etc.) The main page is up to date with the blog posts and exhibition listings of its members, though I also subscribe to the rss stream of the site (which results in a LOT of messages, some useful, most not.)  It pays to snoop around there occasionally to see what galleries/organisations are up to.

Melbourne Jeweller also blogs a monthly calendar. Often this is exhibition related, but the odd competition link sneaks in. I must read many of the same blogs as her though, since by the time of her monthly posts I have normally already seen the competitions/exhibition opportunities featured.

And while I’m on the whole idea of RSS – I have a dedicated RSS reader from which I read many blogs daily. Between what’s said on many of them, and my email lists and some semi-regular searches (how I found out about Noosa, for example), I like to think I’m fairly well informed of upcoming opportunities.

Finally, the deadlines for the Australia Council and Arts Victoria are pretty concrete from year to year, so it pays to keep them in the back of your mind too. And in your bookmarks list.


Were currently slamming into several end-of-year deadlines round here at studio jewellist (one enjoys employing the royal ‘we’ on occasions, it make one seem more, well, just more), but there’s always time to fill in the odd competition entry… Who needs sleep, anyway?

Klimt02, via their White Board has alerted me to one little number – an artist residency in Amsterdam with Studio Rian de Jong. The Franciose van den Bosch website elucidates; in the Current section (it’s flash – so I haven’t been able to embed it in the link, sorry.) The application is for 2 months in Amsterdam, with studio and accommodation, in May and June. Not bad eh? The rest of it is up to you. (‘Rest’ = travel expenses, daily allowances and insurance.) Might be worth putting the ole hat in the ring for that one, eh?

Also, via the description on Crafthaus I found out about Dual, the private life of sculpture, which is described in the Crafthaus listing as “Dual is a survey of artists creating sculptures that both stand alone as beautiful objects and also interact with the body in some way.” This closes on the 16th, but at this stage I’m still undecided about entering. I’m going to have to make a quick decision…

But what I’m really gearing up to enter is Preziosa Young 2011, whose entries close on October 30. Since their application can’t be filled in by stages (like Schmuck) expect there to be a lot of traffic at the end of the month. I’m hoping to have my work ready in the next week or so, in order to sit down and load it up well in time. Having been successful this year I’m working at some different pieces to what I last submitted.

picture this

I don’t have many images of myself up on the internet. Well, not ones that could be found quickly or easily, anyway. If I suddenly made into a headline, an online newspaper would have to do a fairly exhaustive search, or do what they used to do, ask the person in question (or in many cases, the bereaved family…) for an image.

That all changed yesterday. I gave Klimt02 an image for my brand-spanking new entry. Why didn’t I do something clever, like Julia deVille, or Maria Cristinia Bellucci?

Silly little cumquat…


“We feel that the ‘craft’ vs ‘fine art’ discussion is irrelevant to what we do. We don’t waste our time or energy with it. Nor do we feel that there is a general malaise hanging over the field. We are in a time of transition, evolution and revolution. Those who embrace change will reap the rewards.”

Corliss Rose and John Lemieux Rose, aka 2 Roses, via an interview with Jillian Moore at the AJF blog.

The quoted section is right at the end of the article. If you haven’t had time to read it yet I highly recommend you do, as the rest of the piece is filled with similar gems.

world wide jewellery suppliers review project… phew!

yep, here at the jewellist we’ve just undergone some minor renovations. Unlike most renovations this one was quick and painless, for which, as always, I gratefully thank TurboNerd.

The reno’s have allowed me to add another section to the blog site, which is aiming at the lofty purpose of ‘online collaborative project’.

Whass that about, then?

Well, I’m interested in creating an annotated list of jewellery suppliers. The aim is to collect information on their location, wares and any specific quirks, so that anywhere in the world one may go, one may lessen the hours otherwise spent hunting for jewellery tools. This list then, obviously, is only for places with an actual street presence. With a front door. (As opposed to a ‘portal’. Though I’m not opposed to a market stall, so long as the quest you undertook to find it is replicable.)

So I’m asking (please!) for submissions to help me reveal and review all of them. To add your favourite retailer, send me about 200 words, which includes the name and physical location of your chosen store, and I’ll pop it up in the WWJSRP section. (send to review@melissacameron.net) To kick it off, I’ve added my review of Twin Plaza Metals, in Melbourne.

(note to self; next time invent shorter acronym)

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status report

As per my post outgoing, I have entered/am entering some competitions.

So far I have been notified that I am into the Travelling Scholarship exhibition at Noosa Regional Gallery, which starts on the 29th of July. Yep, just me and 39 other ‘3d artists’… The piece the judges chose is the piece in the picture above – Planar Iteration.

I’m currently whittling down my word count for the Realise Your Dream travel scholarship, which is due on Friday at 5pm.

And news just to hand, the Powerhouse: Love Lace competition judges have had to go into extra time (700 entries!), so not details on that one as yet.


Today was a ‘jump outta bed’ kind of day. But oh, what to do with the sudden burst of energy? After writing a list of what I’m meant to get done in the next couple of months, I sorted into physical piles what pieces are going where. Then I stored each collection with a big yellow label attached for easy identification.

After this, it turns out there’s a small pile of pieces left over. Time to do something about it!