Melissa is not by nature a competitive person; yet she enters a lot of competitions… Why? Well, needs must, as the saying goes.

Were currently slamming into several end-of-year deadlines round here at studio jewellist (one enjoys employing the royal ‘we’ on occasions, it make one seem more, well, just more), but there’s always time to fill in the odd competition entry… Who needs sleep, anyway?

Klimt02, via their White Board has alerted me to one little number – an artist residency in Amsterdam with Studio Rian de Jong. The Franciose van den Bosch website elucidates; in the Current section (it’s flash – so I haven’t been able to embed it in the link, sorry.) The application is for 2 months in Amsterdam, with studio and accommodation, in May and June. Not bad eh? The rest of it is up to you. (‘Rest’ = travel expenses, daily allowances and insurance.) Might be worth putting the ole hat in the ring for that one, eh?

Also, via the description on Crafthaus I found out about Dual, the private life of sculpture, which is described in the Crafthaus listing as “Dual is a survey of artists creating sculptures that both stand alone as beautiful objects and also interact with the body in some way.” This closes on the 16th, but at this stage I’m still undecided about entering. I’m going to have to make a quick decision…

But what I’m really gearing up to enter is Preziosa Young 2011, whose entries close on October 30. Since their application can’t be filled in by stages (like Schmuck) expect there to be a lot of traffic at the end of the month. I’m hoping to have my work ready in the next week or so, in order to sit down and load it up well in time. Having been successful this year I’m working at some different pieces to what I last submitted.

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