as promised… more on Sydney!

Melissa finishes off her Sydney recollections. Well, almost – the name of at least one artist has already slipped her (admittedly slippery) mind.

So, I went to Sydney and caught up with a bunch of makers, and met a whole host more. In the catchup camp were Zoe Brand, Erin Keys, Carrie McDowell and Linda Blair amongst others. I also got to meet for the first time a bunch of artists and probably greeted even more than just this list, but these were the people I had sustained conversations with; Emma Fielden, Mark Vaarwerk, Jasmine Matus and Nina Baker (whose names I remembered, yes, I admit it, I am blanking on one name and I am so very sorry.)

I realised during this trip that I have met a lot of makers via education – short courses and uni courses of course as well as the odd symposium. Of makers that I have never met, like many artists I guess, I only need to see an image on a business card or a piece of theirs and I can usually place them. In fact, maybe all jewellery artists at maker events should wear one of their pieces to save redundant introductions?

And where does one glean such knowledge of others’ works? Well, sometimes at jewellery galleries – I’ve seen Mark’s work around for years and can pick it, despite the fact that it has normally moved in direction between my encounters – but on further reflection I realised that I saw the works of Nina (t) Baker and Emma Fielden via Kit and Caboodle. Good work, Cate!