Category: business

  • Resist

    Body/Politic is getting some enamelled sistren, and I’m having a trunk show!

  • Conference Papers

    Geeet your used conference papers here!

  • Laser Cutting

    Laser cutters. I know you want them, well here they are. Be kind to them, they are pretty great.

  • Imagine

    Melissa is in an upcoming show about guns – this one not of her own making. The irrepressible Boris Bally is in charge, and he’s Kickstarting the catalogue RIGHT NOW!

  • Tomorrow night!

    Part B, Sin Título, Mexico. Melissa, Bainbridge Island Museum of Art, Washington. Lots of stuff going on tomorrow night.

  • Deadline Extension

    Deadline EXTENSION! Get into it!

  • Aaaand we’re back

    Despite contracting The Plague on the flight home, Melissa has decided to take Paperwork Tuesday to Monday for one week only, so as to avoid having to venture deep into the damp, dark basement…

  • Arrgh!

    I’m running late on ye olde blog post this week, sorry y’all. I don’t like when people use the b*** word, but there’s been shenanigans afoot at the Aussie Embassy to Queen Anne and South Lake Union, which has taken up much time, as well as … dare I say it… precipitated some downtime. (Or…

  • The countdown is on

    What’s going on at the jewellists bench? A lot, and more besides…

  • Upcoming deadlines

    Upcoming deadlines for works to be submitted for competitions, mostly. OK, there’s a fellowship or two amongst them all