Aaaand we’re back

Melissa Cameron Point Line Plane Pendant XII, 2012. Stainless steel, vitreous enamel, 925 silver. Photo © Melissa Cameron.

The keen observer to this blog will any have noted my rather laissez faire attitude posting over the last couple of weeks. Turbo and I were back at “home” in Perth and Melbourne (Perth for family and wedding business, Melbourne for, well, Melbourne!) for a couple of weeks. There was jewellery involved – mostly for the bride, which did also include a little something blue that I completely forgot to photograph. While minimal so as not to interfere, the sterling bracelet did sport a number of stainless quatrefoils – enamelled blue of course.

While in Aus, and just before, I was able to replenish stocks of my works in Bilk gallery in Canberra as well as in artisan (m)art in Brisbane. For Artisan it has been a loooong time between drinks, which is completely my fault, but I hope those of you in Queensland can forgive me. These are all pieces from the new La Geometrie series (such as the piece above, currently at (m)art), which were first exhibited in Sydney at Studio 20/17 at the beginning of the year. Of course they still have a great range of works too in this and the previous The Sieve series. Speaking of The Sieve, Sterling at Gaffa, also in Sydney has a few silk-and-steel/titanium limited edition pieces also from this collection.

As for Melbourne, I’m sorry to announce that I am no longer stocked at e.g.etal gallery, but I hope to find a new space there soon. In the mean time I am taking commissions directly, of which the first is a very exciting opportunity I have been given for a ring and bracelet. More on that project very soon!

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