My article in Autor 2022

Autor Magazine cover, Issue 7, 2022

I forgot to mention, I wrote an article! I kinda did it by accident (longtime readers may remember the story, but I never revealed the piece before) when Autor magazine asked for photos and comments about ‘failure’. I cribbed from my blog post, did a rewrite to include thoughts that have come to me in the long time since I had my epic fail, and added an image of the remade piece for context.

In short, I dropped a piece, a really fragile one made mostly of timber, right after I finished photographing it. Tragedy + time means now I can think of it as just a regular face-palm moment, but at the time I was on a deadline so the stakes were escalated (ooff, it was from the Escalation series too… maybe change that?) heightened, and I was really upset. It ruined my day, my week, right up until… Well, get your hands on a copy of Autor and you can see what happened next…

My piece in Autor Magazine.

You might be surprised to know that I still have the broken piece (the photograph at left was taken this year), and the other two pieces that completed the set. They have moved house with me twice now, and when I see it I still click my tongue, tilt and shake my head. I guess now it’s a time capsule or a beloved prototype, one that I know I get to keep.