Island Welcome in Perth/ North Sydney Art Prize

Looking forward to doing this again…!

I’m pleased and proud to say that Juukan Tears has been named as a finalist in the North Sydney Art Prize. The opening and prize ceremony will be on the 14th of May at the Coal Loader Centre for Sustainability in North Sydney, and at the same time and in the same ‘hood I’ll be displaying Juukan Tears Offcuts at Bridget Kennedy Projectspace.

It’s an equally amazing and challenging notion to install this work on the other side of the country in a 4m x 4m chamber, but an occasion that I’m fortifying myself to rise to. And I am so glad to be able to install the ‘Offcuts in an appropriate venue so close to the Coal Loader Centre, it really is gift to have it work out this way. And it means that after more than two years of being confined within Western Australia (yes, albeit the second largest state in the world it has felt a little close of late) I’m getting out, and I might just use the opportunity to do a little mingling, so let me know if you wanna catch up!

This exhibition will come hot on the heels of my inclusion in Island Welcome, alongside the amazing collection of jewellery artists that for this iteration will also include Perth luminaries Sharyn Egan and Sarah Elson. Curated by Belinda Newick it will be displayed at Gallery Central in Northbridge. As many will know, especially after her presentation at the Futuring Craft/ IOTA conference last year, Belinda organised and has toured this show since 2017. Begun in Melbourne it has also been to Sydney and Adelaide and now finally Belinda brings it to her hometown, Perth, opening on Saturday April the 30th. The show will have associated artist talks and workshops so I encourage you to keep checking in on the Island Welcome website for all the details.

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