Just in from Le Arti Orafe, organisers of Preziosa Young.

And here is another vid, of the day long symposium that coincided with the exhibition opening, and people milling about the works. (Not sure about the choice of music, though the live opera towards the end is molto impressionante.) The second campus of LAO (the first being in Firenze) is located in Lucca, the HQ of Puccini fandom. The famous opera composer was born and raised in the hills surrounding this ancient town. Normally this exhibition occurs in Lucca, but my catalogue tells me that this year LAO and the Commune didn’t see eye to eye, so the who shebang decamped to Firenze. Maybe live music’s a regular fixture…

2 responses to “showtime…”

  1. What a great idea to have video from an exhibition opening! It is interesting to see some of the visitors and the venue, as well as little glimpses of the work. Thank you for posting, and congratulations for being a part of it. Also, fingers crossed for your travel scholarship applications!!