US Exhibitions: North & South

One half of Quatrefoil Trio by Melissa Cameron, pieces made for a work in collaboration with Sean Macmillan, 2015. On display at BAM

The Bellevue Arts Museum is hosting an enormous group exhibition Making our Mark: Art by Pratt Teaching Artists, which went live at a grand party for the artists (and there’s a tonne of us) at the start of November. There are too many local legends to name; jewellers, wood-workers, painters, sculptors and of course the Northwest’s favourite, glass artists, so I’ll just mention me, and the very famous glass artist who happens to live across the street from me (!) Preston Singletary. We’re finally in a show together! One day I’ll work up the courage to tell him 😉

Also just opened is a show at form & concept center in Santa Fe, New Mexico, called Smitten Forum. So what is Smitten Forum, then?

Call it a mobile artist colony, a colorful social experiment or a crafty piece of performance art. Each year since 2014, Sara Brown and Marissa Saneholtz have invited a new group of pioneering jewelers and metalsmiths to work side-by-side in a communal studio for 7 days. The initiative is called Smitten Forum, and invitees range from emerging to well-established makers who employ a staggering array of mediums and techniques. This year’s participants are headed to Abiquiu, New Mexico in late December, but they’ll also leave their mark on the nearby art center of Santa Fe. The form & concept shop is pleased to present the Smitten Forum exhibition, which features wearable artwork from all of this year’s artists.

And now it is also an exhibition, with this year’s Smitten cohort exhibiting: Sarah Perkins, Melissa Cameron, Bryan Petersen, Cappy Counard, Cheryl Rydmark, Tanya Crane, Rebekah Frank, Anika Smulovitz, Don Friedlich, Laritza Garcia, Leslie LePere, Hannah Oatman, Marissa Saneholtz and Sara Brown

It opened on the 24th of November and finishes on the 6th of January. And Smitten Forum itself? Yes, this year I’ll close out my year hanging with that awesome crew, at Ghost Ranch in New Mexico. Yes, the Ghost Ranch that Georgia O’Keffee lived and worked at.

Tales in the making.

blips on the radar

I’m working towards a few group shows at the moment, some as close as at the end of this month and others a little father off.

First up is the Travelling Scholarship Exhibition showing at the Noosa Regional Gallery which I’ve mentioned before. It starts on the 29th of July (but officially opens on the 6th of August, closing on the 29th).

A couple of pieces go on show in Sydney on the same day, July 29th, in the Keeper Gallery at Gaffa. The exhibition is entitled First and Last and is curated by Zoe Brand. It finishes on the 9th of August.

Finally, The Box Project in November from the 18th – 30th, also at Gaffa in Sydney. This is curated by Jasmine Matus, and involves making works from a mystery box full of items sent to each the artist. (Again it’s one I’ve mentioned before.)

And then in December… Well, stay tuned!

status report

As per my post outgoing, I have entered/am entering some competitions.

So far I have been notified that I am into the Travelling Scholarship exhibition at Noosa Regional Gallery, which starts on the 29th of July. Yep, just me and 39 other ‘3d artists’… The piece the judges chose is the piece in the picture above – Planar Iteration.

I’m currently whittling down my word count for the Realise Your Dream travel scholarship, which is due on Friday at 5pm.

And news just to hand, the Powerhouse: Love Lace competition judges have had to go into extra time (700 entries!), so not details on that one as yet.


Just in from Le Arti Orafe, organisers of Preziosa Young.

And here is another vid, of the day long symposium that coincided with the exhibition opening, and people milling about the works. (Not sure about the choice of music, though the live opera towards the end is molto impressionante.) The second campus of LAO (the first being in Firenze) is located in Lucca, the HQ of Puccini fandom. The famous opera composer was born and raised in the hills surrounding this ancient town. Normally this exhibition occurs in Lucca, but my catalogue tells me that this year LAO and the Commune didn’t see eye to eye, so the who shebang decamped to Firenze. Maybe live music’s a regular fixture…

look, ma

they’re playing my song!
Zoe Brand’s blog

Now, to get all ‘trainspotter’ on you – in her Boldfaced Humanity post, under her heading: 2# THE ‘WHAT DO PEOPLE REALLY THINK OF CONTEMPORARY JEWELLERY?’ POST is a photo.

And amid the brooch-y goodness, the brooch closest to the bottom of that image, is by me!

I was having a think the other day “I wonder where those two got to…”

on the intertubes

Hiya! So, it’s been ages since I mentioned the conference in Perth, eh? Three whole posts have passed; it’s been over a week since the last one went up. In internet time that’s practically years between mentions. Did you enjoy the holiday?

Today my paper Examining the connections between architecture and jewellery from the JMGA conference was published in the Craft Australia online library. I put up links to the images I used in my delivery a while back, but at least half of them appear with it, in its online incarnation. Once again my thanks go to all the artists who gave me permission to use the images of their works, including the ones who were not published.

Also on the Craft Australia site, a review of the conference by Christel van der Laan. Christel is an amazing jeweller, and her new works, which were on display in the JMGA Members exhibition in Perth (see the final image on the RHS of her review), are incredible.

preziosa young

Yup, feeling very young today… But this is not about me, it’s about precious things going on display, in Italy!

You are cordially invited to the Opening, Friday 21st of May, at 6.00 PM of the Firenze Preziosa Exhibition in Firenze, Leopoldine Cloister Torquato Tasso Square. Open every day, 11.00 a.m.-7.00 p.m. till the 6th of June, 2010. Free entrance.

Artists: Giampaolo Babetto, Johanna Dahm, Ruudt Peters, Helen Britton, Andi Gut, Evert Nijland.

Artist’s Conference on Saturday 22nd of May, from 11.00 a.m. to 17.00 p.m. The participation to the conferences is free: please register on-line at, or contact the organization

Collateral Events

PREZIOSA YOUNG Third edition of this important contest/exhibition of young goldsmith/artists selected for their individual research and for the originality of their creations. The selected artists are;

Cheryl Eve, USA
Erin Keys, Australia
Monica Haneckova, Slovakia
Sachiko Shouji, Japan
Edna Yoshie, Japan
Sooyeon Kim, Korea
Adam Grinovich, Sweden
Melissa Cameron, Australia

with special mention to;

Marta Hryc, Poland
Susanne Wolbers, Germany
Elena Ruebel, Germany
Sabine Lang, Germany
Jahyun Baek, Great Britain
Natalie Smith, Great Britain
Tiina Rajakallio, Finland
Lisa Juen, Germany

I have to add the ‘special mentions’, since last year I was on that list.

return blog + patty cakes

Yesterday I broke a rule of the internet. Don’t point people in the direction of a site that it still under construction. For those of you good folks who visited the Return blog yesterday and saw one little picture of the gallery when you were expecting shots of artists works, I am sorry. Today (should you care to venture forth once again…) you will find ten whole glorious colour images of our works!

Next week the Return show closes. In honour of the end of our 3 week run (and to keep me occupied in the morning before I arrive) there will be a morning tea on Thursday the 29th from 11am, for which I will bake patty-cakes! (We’ll not be calling them cup-cakes, even if my grandmother was born in Canada and did insist on baking them and labeling them so…) Here’s a sample of one I prepared earlier!

You might have to bring your cup of tea/coffee with you however… Did I mention free cake?


finally! some images of the actual works from the …return show. I haven’t meant to keep you all in suspense, but it’s been fairly busy here in the gallery, so photography of artists’ work has been sporadic. This is just a taster of my works, so for the many pieces by other artists,  (all of them gorgeous, of course!) point your browser at the Return blog.