rose turk—o


Rose Turko is a new jewellery gallery being opened in Richmond, VA (in the USA for all you Melbournians who now think I’ve sold out…) by long-time local Kathy Emerson.

I am now represented by this new space, and have the added pleasure of being in the inaugural exhibition, Angles: architecturally inspired jewelry, which has been curated by well known Richmond jewel-arts instigator, Maggie Smith. (Nope, not that one, but I do call her Dame Mags in my head most of the time.) She is also the creator of the gorgeously funny #ThisIsABrooch site, “because kids don’t know“!

Anyway, as you can see the Angles show is populated by the great (them) and the good (me!), and I’m very happy to be amongst them all, especially in the architecture/jewelry context. Finally! If you’re in the area, please check out the opening on Thursday night from 6-10pm, and say ‘hi’ to The Dame from me 😉

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