Co:operation Garnish

Cooperation, collaboration, unification. By makers who are about 6 or 7 hours flying time from one another.

Cooperation GARNISH pattern- tests

A little while back I posted on Crafthaus, waaaay down in the termite mound somewhere, that I that I’ve teamed up with another maker to have a bash at this exhibition. What exhibition? Read on…

Sean Macmillan got in contact with me to see if I would be interested in collaborating with him for the Co:operation GARNISH show, being curated by Rachel Timmins and Brigitte Martin. After some initial discussions about our suitability (it’s meant to be a collaboration of unlike forces aimed at building links between a fairly disparate jewellery community,) we decided that a large-sculpture-making, techno-challenged academic in Slippery Rock and a delicate-jewellery-making, CAD-using, basement-studio-hermit from Australia was about as different as we needed to be!

True to my roots, I got straight into drawing a pattern in Cad, which we had both agreed, over a long text-message conversation, needed to be ‘lacy’. And true to his, Sean produced a mobile-phone image of a model that was clearly hand sketched before being cut-out, made out of computer-paper and masking-tape, with felt-tip-marker line-work clearly visible across the pages.

Cut to a few months later, and here are some images of the sample squares of pattern that I’ve had cut, checked out and then sent off to Sean to play with. (Notice the miscommunication with the laser-cutters resulted in the lead-ins being on the wrong side of the line – we’re after the sheet more than the ‘drop-outs’ in this instance as that’s what Sean will work with.)

Next time, what I’ve done with those drop out parts – the pieces I’m calling the pattern’s internals…

Cooperation GARNISH pattern- tests Cooperation GARNISH pattern- tests Cooperation GARNISH pattern- tests