Interview on Klimt02

Hey! Now here’s a thing.. With all the One Design shenanigans (yes indeedy – opening this Friday from 6:30pm at Contemporary Metal in Osborne Park – do check it out!) I completely forgot to mention this: I was recently interviewed by Sanna Svedestedt for Klimt02. She published a lovely article about our chat, and with her she brought Jonas Carboo who took a wonderful array of pictures of our encounter.

Here’s a couple more images by Jonas that they shared with me, not included in Sanna’s post.

Image of Melissa Cameron, 2014 Image of Melissa Cameron, 2014

See how I can relate everything back to One Design this week? You must be so jealous of these mad skillz… OK, so just to assuage my guilt on becoming such a stuck needle on the record, the piece in the top image is actually a work in progress for the Heat Exchange exhibition. More pics of pieces like that to come. (In the mean time, since I’m on the subject, Ramon’s new works up on that blog are looking pretty fab…)

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