One Design at NorthCity4

One Design has been traveling – it had a great time in Melbourne, as did I!

Was awesome! Thank you to everyone who came out on Saturday, I had a fantastic day, sold a few pairs of ‘Point Line’ earrings (they’re new!) and chatted up a storm about the show, Seattle and the glorious Melbourne day.

The two-day assembly of my ad-hoc carpet and fabric tube plinths went fantastically well, thanks especially to assistant installer Courtenay who had the great idea of providing ballast to keep them from wavering with small bags of rice – that she and Chloe will now have to eat 😉 Chloe’s painters eye proved equally valuable in composition, most critically when the jet-lag finally got the better of me.

To have all of the pieces that came from a pattern named ‘Cloud’ floating on watercolour-paper clouds from the same design was beautifully poetic and perfectly complemented the One Design ethos.

Thanks again to everyone for coming out, and I’m looking forward to catching up with more friends at Contemporary Metal next weekend!

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  1. Looks a wonderful show, especially for an afternoon pop-up. I was coming back from China so unfortunately missed it. I hope your next Melbourne sojourn is longer.

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