Group Exhibitions

Want to see my work? Well, if you’re in Italy or San Diego in late August of 2014, then you’re ship has just come in, my friend!

Tis still the season for coinciding exhibitions!

Late next week, two exhibitions will open in which I will have on display several of my recycled object works. One is here in the US at Taboo Studio in San Diego, and the other in Italy as a part of the Cominelli Foundation Award for 2014. They both feature grand casts of luminaries – check them out if you’re in the area, and feel free to send me a selfie of you and my work if you happen to get along! I’d really love to see these shows in person, but I’ll settle for seeing them any way I can, including as a hazy background 😉

And before I again claim that wish I got to travel as much as my work does; I got back from Germany earlier this week where I went for close to three weeks for the HE project, and I’m more than happy to be grounded in sunny Seattle for a few weeks at the very least.. Lets see how long this lasts, eh?!


30 August Invito per web agc 10-00-21 LOCANDINA 2014 senza loghi