In the current Metalsmith

There’s a one-page ad for a show I’m in, where my work has been butted up against Boris Bally’s. I’m pleased as punch!

I met Boris in Arizona at the SNAG conference in 2012, and when I did I thanked him for being an early-adopter of the internet. I would contend that his site was one of the first made by a jeweller/smith themselves. Back in those days I used to get much of my jewellery fix by visiting the Dazzle site, but that site was by nature more of a little taste rather than a big helping of each artist. Given that it’s advertising makers for the Dazzle shows, it was (and still is) an aggregate of jewellery makers/designers, with only a couple of images per person listed in alphabetical order, so I guess it was pretty similar to what it is today – though now boasting about ten times the images. Having a dedicated website for your own work would soon become the norm, but in the early days people like Boris stood out for having consistently amazing photographs and adopting the new technology early. Back then I was grateful to see that other makers existed, in fact thrived, doing what is was that I wanted to do.

Enough reminiscing – here’s the ad!

cCC_ReRe_MetalsmithAd_1805_PRINT (2)(1)

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