Once More, With Love

Melissa Cameron, Timber Pendant, 2013.  Recycled Timber, stainless steel, silver solder. © Melissa Cameron
Melissa Cameron, Timber Pendant, 2013. Recycled Timber, stainless steel, silver solder. © Melissa Cameron

Hello Melbourne! A gentle little reminder to you that the Once More, With Love exhibition opens at Northcity4 this Saturday evening in your fair city. I have three new works in the show (they’re so brand new they missed the earlier OMWL shows) for its final opening/homecoming. Check it out this Saturday 16th of Feb from 5pm to 7pm at 61 Weston St, Brunswick, and from then until the 2nd of March 2013, from Wednesday to Saturday, 11am-6pm.

And there’s other great events at Northcity4 that are going on to accompany the show:

Conversation Forum: Sat Feb 16, 1-5pm Six speakers discuss ethical and sustainable jewellery practice in Australia – suitable for both jewellers and interested community members. And the timing dovetails nicely into the opening of the exhibition where the conversation can continue around the works on display.
Weekend Workshop 23/24 February 10am – 4pm Make new jewellery pieces from recycled jewels, under the guidance of Emma Grace and Suse Scholem.

And lastly, while I’m on the subject, a word from our curator Suse Scholem about supporting the Once More, With Love project:

We would like to invite you to become a supporter of the exciting national jewellery project Once More, With Love by making a tax-deductible donation via the Australia Cultural Fund.

Once More, With Love is a not-for-profit project touring Australia, raising awareness of sustainability, recycling and ethical production in the jewellery industry. The project involves a broad and exemplary selection of twenty one contemporary jewellers receiving unwanted jewellery donated by the Australian public and reworking them ‘with love’. Through the resulting exhibition tour, Once More, With Love engages the community around the sustainability and ethics of jewellery production, with events accompanying the exhibition in each host city, including community workshops and artist talks.

A lot of love and volunteer hours have gone in to make this project a reality. We’ve already secured several donations which have helped make the project possible so far, and received in-kind support from the likes of Little Creatures Brewery and Koodak Jewellers Supplies. Now what we really need is some financial assistance to help get us to the end, covering the expenses necessitated by large touring projects like this one.

You can help contribute to costs such as venue hire (over $2000), promotion (nearly $500), presentation costs ($1000), and the payment of artist wages. Every little bit helps! You’ll be supporting a fantastic project, and all donations are tax-deductible!

My thanks go to Suse for curating such a great project, one in which I’m proud to be involved.


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