re: Deadlines

Hiya. Nope, not (yet) time for a new official Deadlines post, but some news about the Schmuck + Talente 2013 deadlines.

I was rattling about, trying to get my entry into the Handwerkskammer site before the deadline today (well, tomorrow here, but we’re a long way behind y’all), October 1st, and while on the site I found out that it seems to have been extended?! Please though, don’t believe me (for goodness sake!), go to the official website and take a gander.

And if you have got yours in (as I have now, after working all weekend on it, dammit!!) feel free to rest safely in your own smugness. However, if you’re not yet on board, you’ve probably still got a good chance to get something in, so long as you get onto it relatively quickly…!