Way down in the hole

Here is the temporary setup I had in our basement up until the delivery of my new bench last Monday. The piece of ply that I attached my trusty removable bench-pin to, sits on a stair tread at one end and is unfixed at both ends. Handy for making noise while sawing, less good at minimising vibration for a clean cut, but I’m nitpicking, since it was never meant to be a jewellery bench. Our housemate now plans to remove the ply shelf and use the underside of the stairs to practice rock-climbing!

Vale under-stair bench. Here I made my piece for Once More With Love as well as another half dozen brooches for an upcoming show entitled Badges & Buttons Waistcoats & Vests at Velvet da Vinci.

But finally, the bench arrived. As did the new new kiln. Huzzah!

The bunker is just about there… I’m now only short some power outlets. One for the kiln, one for the bench and one for the air compressor. So not much, but at the same time, just about everything. I know, what kind of jeweller am I? (One with an over-reliance on power tools, that’s who…)