All over the shop

Melissa gets around. As does her jewellery.

Over this past week I’ve been ducking and diving like a boxerciser!

Last Friday the Oh Opal exhibition started at Redox Jewellery Studio in Geelong. There’s several updates on Melbourne Jeweller about her pieces in the exhibition, as well as on the show, and on the Part B blog Christine has put up some images of the opening. I was a little disappointed in my piece, as I broke my final raw opal while setting it. The design of my work was an extrapolation of the stones that were set into it, so if you change the geometry of the stone, the geometry of the piece should also shift. Needless to say, by the time I was setting the stone, it was a little too late for that…

I spent most of last week in Arizona, at the Shemer Art Centre and Museum, installing the Heat Exchange exhibition with my co-curators Elizabeth Turrell and Beate Gegenwart, and with the assistance of Cath Fairgrieve, one of our artists. We also had the help of the Shemer team, including the indomitable Anne Schutte. After a marathon effort the show went up and thanks to all involved it looks amazing. Now we await the final judgement of this year’s SNAG conference participants, who will all trundle out there towards the end of the month. For more about the work, the hanging, the Shemer and the opening head over to the Heat Exchange website.

After a quick dip in our rented house pool on Friday morning, I arrived back to cold and rainy Seattle on Friday afternoon, to be whisked away, in a large van, from the light rail in the city directly to our new (rented) house in Queen Anne. We offloaded my luggage and the first round of boxes and continued repeating same late into the night, waking the next morning to continue the process. Somewhere in the middle of Saturday we had to make a detour to Best Buy where we chose for ourselves a new washer, dryer and microwave.

So now I have a new house, with studio, and a permanent address. After nigh on two months in a tiny apartment with no studio, the feeling of space is almost overwhelming.