Northside News

The Northcity4 is where it’s at. Go to their opening on the 2nd of March and feel the love!

So, there’s awesomeness afoot up in the north of our fair city. Now, for those of you not familiar with Melbourne, St Kilda, where I live and work, is the poster child of the south, while the appropriately named Northcote, is one sterling example of the northern experience, which shares its eastern border with Brunswick, the scene of our current tale. To some Melbournites, there exists a huge divide between the two. To others – say those who originated so far east as to have lived most of their lives just about falling off the edge of the other side of the continent a whole 2 states away, if a north/south divide doesn’t involve aeroplane travel, it’s not a thing.

Back to the story. A new collective has taken up digs in the Brunswick, and they’re called Northcity4. Now, in case you’ve missed it, (how could you, they’re all over the internet at the moment?) you can read about them at their own site, or their blog (it finally explains where the blogging part of Anna Davern has been of late. Though this show woulda taken some doing. I digress…) or via many posts on Melbourne Jeweller.

In brief, they’ve opened up a studio for several makers who will be permanently based there, a small showroom for those artists to have client meetings, a project space for residencies by anyone, including newly graduated artists, and a large section for the teaching of workshops, which might just be the access space that they are renting out when not in use.

Now, the seriously important thing is that you attend their launch on Friday the 2nd of March, at the studio itself, 61 Weston Street Brunswick. What else can I say? I’ve been there, and I like it! It has a great feel, and the makers are all friendly and it’s wonderfully close to the busy Sydney Rd, several supplies stores, some great cafes and other local colour.

So please, please, please head along for their opening, if only because I reckon it’s going to be a blast. You’ll want to be there anyway, to check out the space, and the art, and while you’re there you can hear from Marcus Westbury and Natalia Milosz-Piekarska. Get to know the group and get comfortable with the space, as I know it’s going to become an important fixture on the local jewellery scene.