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Art that crosses borders? Harder than it looks…

Launching off from a comment that I remarked upon in a previous post, I wanted to share something I read the following day; a review that compares two stops of a travelling exhibition. In the post, entitled Travelling Beauty: Wilde, Aestheticism and the French, Soersha Dyon talks about an exhibition first displayed at the V&A, which has been remounted, with significant changes, at the Musée d’Orsay in Paris.

It is the reaction to the two shows that Dyon describes that is most telling, a reaction which certainly reflects the the difference in audience and critics at work in each of the two cities.

Reading about this large international exhibition pulled into focus the difficulties of difference between geographically and aesthetically different places. I’m still not sold on the idea that ManJewellery could only be a Melbourne show, but it’s interesting to take a line for a walk. No?

Anyway, while I’m still harping on about it, Beka Hannah has posted a blog about her ManJewellery work.

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