The online version of our Part B ManJewellery exhibition has been live on Crafthaus since Monday. The discussion that has ensued in the comments section is worth a look, the politics of jewellery for men being one interesting thread.

In another thread, one local agitator* has also suggested that the show was ‘Very Melbourne’. I thought, as I read the comment, “That’s gonna be a hard one for the (predominantly) international audience to follow.” To my surprise, many people chimed in with their local reference cities, of places that in their opinion would and would not play host to a similar exhibition/project.

Moderator Brigitte Martin did ask about the archetypes of Melbourne and/versus Sydney style. I could list off some in reference to women’s jewellery that have been told me, and some that I have experience of, but in terms of (artist-created) jewellery for men, I think we’re in un-or-under-explored territory. Doncha think?

And as for the ‘so metro’ comment, I’m not sure if that means metropolitan, or metrosexual… It’s been a while since I heard the latter, which makes me wonder if the meaning has morphed recently? If it’s the former… hmm. Does it refer to the work, or the models?


*and I mean that in the best sense, Kevin.

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