cool new tool!

new saw, arrived in a small pizza box. om nom nom, so luscious red, I could _almost_ eat it...

Don’t you love a new tool? Even more when it works as advertised! I got a new saw frame delivered from America last Friday. I found out about this amazing invention via The Justified Sinner who is a regular poster on Crafthaus, which I joined earlier this year. (Can we say that yet, only one month in?) I was well chuffed as it arrived in time for me to start on my Buda entry (which incidentally, requires an absolute f-bomb’s load of sawing, which for me needs to be finished in the next week or so.)

It’s a Knew Concepts 5″ Jewellers Saw, ordered online. I have to say, it’s very light. On picking it up it weighed so little I let out a surprised “Whoa”, to nobody in particular. It’s actually 115 grams. (I had to know, ok?) I just weighed my really old 3″ steel saw frame – the standard wooden-handled type, and it is 142g (with a 6/0 blade, in case you were wondering.) The other impressive thing that I noted on its arrival was that it made it all the way out here with the installed saw-blade fully intact. It looked about the size of a 2/0, so maybe that’s not such a big deal. (Does a 2/0 exist? I use only 6/0’s so I really don’t know…)

how fast is that hand! see that blur? yeah!

Most importantly though, it cuts a very fine line. Better than my other beloved (yet still expensive) Vallorbe saw frame, from Tool World in the city.  I’ve been a little worried about my sawing of late, since I made two sawing errors last year. Just between you and me, I was starting to think to myself “Maybe it’s just me, maybe I’m losing my touch.”

I think that the wobble of my new (dodgy) desk might have contributed to that, and a slow developement of more flex in my old saw frame. Now that I have such a tight saw frame, I’m noticing less vibration, so I can go faster. On the flip side, I’m also now more aware of the vibrations of my dodgy setup, so that might be the next thing to fix!


  1. Excellent point! There’s a tensioning screw at the top section over the blade. You untension it to slip the blade in and do up the side wing nut, then you tension it til you hear it make your favoured note. This is proving tricky to get used to. I’ve over-tensioned it a few times and snapped the blade. But I think I’ve probably lost less than usual given the amount of sawing I’m currently doing.

  2. Agree with the other two ladies … sexy frame envy!
    Seriously though, would love to know more about at some point, as may be in the market for such a beauty …but really, I should start making a little more before I invest … or would it make me make more ??

  3. Well, after a good week of some full time sawing I was ready to praise it as the best invention ever. However, today was a bit of a struggle. I’ve written to the folks ant Knew Concepts and hope to have answers to my blade snapping/not even loading problems soon. I’ll keep you posted…

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