My (first) little sister got engaged over the weekend! Congratulations Meghan and Rhys.

(Yes, that is the wrong finger – it’s being re-sized soon I imagine…)

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last night

I went to my Thursday night Italian lesson. The teacher, Gaetana, asked us at the beginning of the class if we had had a busy week. I said yes, and went on to explain that I have been busy making work because it is the leadup to Christmas, and because I have “an exhibition” <<una mostra>> in December.

Later on, after learning articulated prepositions – preposizioni articolate –ย  we were given a list of objects and told to construct funny sentences using them and the articulated prepositions we had just learned. It was hard. Mostly because the resulting phrases were not really that funny…

However, Gaetana, doing the exercises with us, came up with <<Ci sono tre mostri nel letto!>> = “There are three monsters in the bed!” We had to ask about the monsters part, since monster is not a a regular piece of vocabulary you learn in the course of Italian lessons.

Mostri = monsters. This is a plural in Italian, so one monster = un mostro. And then I had to ask about its close relation to the word for exhibition – mostra. “Are there girl monsters, because wouldn’t one girl monster be <<una mostra>> – the same as the word for exhibition?”

Turns out there are no girl monsters – well, really that the word for monster is masculine.

So if I wanted to have a monster exhibition (as in, an exhibition of monsters, not a really huge show)…
It would be called <<mostra del mostro>>. (And that phrase uses an articulated preposition, double win!)

I’m going to have to tell Justine Austen!

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and while we’re on baked goods…

I love these! I like baking, puzzles and making 3D designs from 2D objects, so a cookie cutter that turns your biscuits into model-making-materials is so far up my ally it’s practically nestling in my garage between the car and the ‘outside’ broom. Big props to Nami Mizuguchi on being a culinary and geometry genius.

And while we’re on cookie cutters, there’s these from Allan McCollum’s ongoing project (which I first saw a while ago on Kaleidoscope) in which he is attempting to make a shape for every person on the planet.

Imagine being able to use them all – that’s a lot of flour and eggs…

STOP PRESS! A cake cutting-cnc machine. One (rather complicated) way to avoid the chore of dividing up a birthday cake. There will still have to be someone on hand to pass round the paper plates and serviettes though.

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to the streets

Found out about another brilliant idea for exhibiting work this week via Aaron Meyers blog. It’s a concept called The Speed Show, which has its own exhibition format;

“Hit an Internet-cafe, rent all computers they have and run a show on them for one night.”

Their format text then goes on to say: “All art works of the participating artists need to be on-line (not necessarily public) and are shown in a typical browser with standard plug-ins.”

The Speed Show concept appears on the Free Art and Technology website, which goes on to explain that “The contents of the site are all in the public domain.” and then encourages users to “Enjoy, use, modify, snipe about and republish all F.A.T. media and technologies as you see fit.”

It would seem that anyone is free to take their idea and run with it. What kind of benevolent genius came up with this? It would have to be the craziest yet possibly best way to mount a touring show I’ve ever heard.

I wonder if you’d get thrown out of Starbucks/McDonalds/Hudsons if you attempted to do the same with laptops using their free Wifi? Probably…

re: connecting threads – yesterday’s post

So, if you read this blog in a reader, you will have missed out on the video I posted at the top of yesterday’s post. When I was making references to Maryann Talia Pau‘s work in the ‘above’, the above was a couple of minutes of footage courtesy of Art Nation that had gone astray. It seems that iView didn’t want to play…

It’s still all there in glorious colour on the site, so if you want to have a look you’ll have to be all old-fashioned and open it up in its own browser window.

Ahhh, technology…

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Peter Brown?

Tim Freedman is looking for a guy name Peter Brown. Have you seen him? He was the band’s unofficial astrologer in the early 90’s, when he’d turn up to band practice and tell The Whitlams members their fortune.

As you’ve figured, I’m a bit of a fan of ‘ole Timmy here, so when he announced that he’d be doing one last circuit of the country before splitting up the band, I had to go, for old times sake. Lucky for me, and all precious the memories I hold of listening to his music and going to his gigs, he’s still got itย  ๐Ÿ˜‰
As has Jak, the guitarist [pictured right], so my youngest sister tells me…

It was more than a little strange to be bopping around the place to a band that I fell in love with as a teenager, and first saw live almost 13 years ago. But when it comes to performing (even after a day at the Caulfield Races, and a couple of bottles of wine on stage) Tim, with Jak and Warwick and of course Terepai (anointed King of Tonga by Tim on stage, I wonder how that will make this guy will feel… let alone this one) was in some of the finest form I’ve witnessed.

Long live The Whitlams.
(And the King of Tonga)

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